Cranston Review


Cranston Re-Review Panel Recommendations

Sir Ross Cranston has published his report.

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Clarification of Recommendations made in the Cranston Report

Response to LBG’s request for clarification of recommendations made in the Cranston Report & details on the appeal mechanism for debt relief and de facto director issues.

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Cranston Review Report

Sir Ross Cranston has published his report and provided a statement.

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Sir Ross Cranston has been appointed to undertake an independent Assurance Review of the Customer Review undertaken by Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) following the criminal misconduct at the HBOS Impaired Assets Office for London and the South East, based in Reading (HBOS Reading). The Customer Review was overseen by Professor Russel Griggs OBE.

Sir Ross’s Assurance Review will assess whether the methodology applied by the Customer Review was capable of delivering fair and reasonable compensation for customers, whether it was consistently applied, and whether Professor Griggs was able to properly perform his role.

If you participated in the Customer Review, Sir Ross will be seeking your views and experiences of the process.